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  • 21st May 2019
  • Posted in: Tips for Homebuyers

    Summer is fast approaching yet for many, energy bills aren’t reflecting the rising temperatures – but don’t worry, we’ve got a solution!

    As June fast approaches, we’re seeing rising temperatures and funnily enough, rising energy bills. So, at a time when we should be receiving smaller energy bills through our letterboxes as we’re less frequently firing up the heating and having a daily soak in a hot bath, why is it that for many, energy bills have increased and are posing a threat to our summer bank accounts?

    We’ve been keeping an eye out, ensuring that we can give you the inside scoop on exactly what is going on and how to get ahead of the game in making sure your energy bills are reflecting your actual usage.

    Martin Lewis has recently spoken out about this topic on Good Morning Britain, stating that “funnily enough, at the same time the price cap has gone up, the wholesale price has gone down”, suggesting that now is the time to get clued up on the market and do a comparison.

    What exactly should you be keeping an eye out during a comparison, you might ask? Well, Martin suggested scrolling down to a recognisable provider that you’re familiar with, rather than selecting the first on the list which although might appear slightly cheaper, can often be extremely new to the market with poor customer service ratings.

    Another factor to consider is the potential benefits for those who prefer to opt for well-known names, such as British Gas, who is offering a standard price with a fixed rate tariff. Martin Lewis stated that this could be a good option for those who prefer to remain loyal with the same provider, with potential savings reaching £270 a year.

    Ultimately, no matter which provider you opt for, we’re able to reassure all potential homebuyers that each and every one of our homes are fitted with high-efficiency boilers with individual thermostatic radiator valves, so even when you decide to fire up that heating, you can do it guilt-free knowing that your home has been well prepared and designed with energy efficiency in mind.

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