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  • 10th Feb 2020
  • Posted in: Tips for Homebuyers
  • The latest interior and colour trends to transform your home

    The beauty of buying a brand-new home is that it’s a blank canvas ready for you to personalise and make your own. Whether you want to paint a feature wall in your living room or add splashes of colour throughout with soft furnishings and accessories, here are some ideas to get you started.

    Blue is back

    Global design force Pantone announces its Colour of the Year every December and for 2020 its colour of choice is…Classic Blue. This familiar, calming shade of azure is clean and elegant – a really easy colour to incorporate into your home.

    Head to Instagram and Pinterest and you’ll likely see lots more of this colour, reminiscent of sky at dusk, paired up with crisp whites, warm, natural woods and brass finishes. It works great as an accent colour or main colour within a room scheme. Dark blue cabinets are also a popular option in the kitchen.

    Add some texture

    Texture is increasingly being used to add interest to rooms. One easy way of doing this is by layering up different textures in the same, or similar colours using cushions, throws, rugs and pouffes. This is a great option if you prefer neutrals as it means you can still add a little flair without going big on colour. There are loads of Berber style rugs and cushions to choose from these days. If you’ve got the infamous La Redoute rug, then you’ll know exactly what we mean! But there are plenty of colourful options too – think tufted cushions that mix neutrals with burnt oranges, reds and mustards.

    Textures also work well in other rooms that don’t necessarily lend themselves to soft furnishings, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. Try introducing plants and shelving with a curated selection of knick-knacks. Dried flowers and plants (colourful pampas grass especially) are a big trend in 2020. And in the bathroom, don’t forget a statement bathmat!

    Try a traditional floral feature wall

    Florals never really go out of fashion, but if you want to stay on trend then this year it’s all about traditional floral patterns on light, plain backgrounds, also known as chintz. This busy print works well in small amounts paired up with minimal contemporary furniture. Try it as a feature wall, or maybe consider adding it in the form of curtains. It works perfectly in a bedroom.

    Accessorize with animal prints

    Animal prints have dominated the fashion industry over the last couple of years and now they’re making their way into interior design too. As always with a bold, statement print like this, less is more. So, consider starting small, adding accents using soft furnishings and the odd accessory such as a leopard print patterned candle jar. If you love it, then go bolder with rugs, throws and curtains.

    Statement ceiling?

    This one is likely to divide opinion. Rather than going for a statement wall, how about a statement ceiling instead? So rather than adding a splash of colour to your magnolia walls, consider a bright colour on your ceiling. Not convinced? Head to Instagram and Pinterest for some great inspiration. You may be surprised.

    If you’re looking to move and want all the ease and convenience of buying a new home, find out more about the Harron Homes buying experience and check out our latest developments. Be sure to head to our Instagram page too for development updates and interior inspiration. You could be in and adding the finishing touches to your new home much sooner than you think.