• 28th Jan 2019

    As temperatures fall to below freezing in the bitter January freeze; heating bills and thermostats continue to rise, so what can households do to minimise the impact of their energy bills?

    Heating costs are a big part of your monthly home budget, and Harron Homes have plenty of top tips to save money on heating. From putting on a jumper to doubling up on insulation, we’ve gathered our some easy ways to save on your heating bill.

    Turn down your thermostat:

    When it comes to energy every bit little counts when it comes to your heating bill, and small changes can lead to big savings. So why not save up to £10 this winter by simply turning down your thermostat one degree and putting on a jumper.

    Arrange your furniture efficiently:

    If there’s a radiator on one side of a room, arranging a sofa or chair in front of it will block the heat, making the room feel colder. Keep the radiator clear to help the air circulate so you won’t need to turn your heating up.

    Insulate your house:

    Insulation is one of the best ways to save money on heating. Although it does involve a cost up front, it’s a very affordable option in the long run, as you could be losing up to 15% of your heating costs through poor insulation.

    Draught proof your home:

    Check and block up unwanted gaps that are letting the cold air in and the warm air out. Good places to check for draughts are around the edges of your window frames, the gaps under your doors, and around your letterbox.It’s easy to do yourself and you’ll save on your energy bills as you comfortably turn down the thermostat by a couple of degrees.

    Shut the doors:

    If the room is not being used, why spend money heating it? Shut the doors on used rooms and likewise, when you are in the room, shutting the door can increase the room’s temperature by keeping in your body heat and the heat produced by lights or other electronics such as a computer.

    Add a throw:

    This tip is both practical and stylish, win win! Adding a throw to your sofa can be a quick and simple solution to staying warm on the chilly evenings. Buy a statement throw and it will really add to the feel of the room for an extra bonus.

    Bleed your radiators:

    Radiators need bleeding when pockets of air get trapped inside. The air causes the radiator to circulate hot water less effectively and so less heat is emitted, meaning it will take longer to heat your home. Until you bleed your radiator to get rid of the air, you’re likely to be using more energy and therefore your energy bill could be higher than average.