• 17th Apr 2019
  • Posted in: Tips for Homebuyers
  • Change up your style for spring!

    Now that spring has officially sprung, with the chirping of the birds and the budding of the flowers, perhaps it’s time to leave behind the cosy clutter of winter and breathe life into your home’s décor with a spring time makeover.

    The spacious and open-plan design at the heart of each Harron Homes property allows you to be versatile with your decoration, enabling you to put your own style on your home. This is a benefit from season to season, and while you may have accessorized for winter with shaggy rugs and wool blankets, your spring time makeover could call for a more minimalistic approach, channeling a Scandinavian aesthetic which would compliment the light, airy feel of a Harron Homes home in spring time.

    We have put together some top tips to moving the décor of your house with the seasons.

    Make it brighter

    Replace the dark tones of winter with some lighter features. One of the boldest trends of 2019 is the addition of bright pops of yellow in our décor. If there was any colour that embodied the feel of spring, it’s this one. Why not throw down a yellow rug, or add a splash of colour to your walls?

    Add flowers

    Live flowers or houseplants are always good, they add colour to your surroundings. A floral arrangement can provide the perfect splash of life into your homes’ decoration, so whether your preferred choice are roses, tulips or peonies, having a few bunches around the houses will get your home ready for springtime.

    Lighter Fabrics

    Put away the heavy throws or accent pillows you brought out for the winter months. Wool, faux fur, cable knit, and other wintry fabrics should be stored away for the warm months. Replace them with light fabrics in bright colours and fun spring patterns. This goes for things like throw pillows, window treatments, and even furniture slipcovers.

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