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  • 6th May 2020
  • Posted in: Tips for Homebuyers
  • Quick steps to take around the house when you’re feeling overwhelmed

    Not being able to go outside would be a challenge for even the most devoted homemaker, especially as weve now faced several weeks indoors. Its likely that you already have coping techniques for difficult times – but its also likely that in the current climate, a lot of these are off limits. Here are some top tips to give yourself some light relief when being inside gets too much.

    Open your windows

    The quickest way to breathe some life into your house when youre feeling cooped up is to open all the blinds and curtains and open all the windows. Getting the air moving round might help you take a moment to feel optimistic or grateful for what you have.

    Light some candles

    Theres something cathartic about lighting candles, plus it only takes a moment to do. Light your favourite, regardless of whether you were saving it for a special occasion, and take in its’ scent. If you dont have any in, head to Harron Homes gallery [] for interior inspiration!

    Brew some coffee or bake a cake

    Our mood is closely tied to our senses, so cheer yourself up with something that smells lovely! If youre so inclined, why not bake a cake – or for a quicker fix, brew some fresh coffee. (If neither of those are your thing, see candles above!)

    Put on your favourite song

    You might be stuck in, but theres nothing to stop you putting on your favourite song, turning it up loud and having a dance around the living room!

    Turn off your tech 

    It can be difficult to disengage from news, especially at the moment, but if youre feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it might be a great time to switch off and step away. The obvious one is your phone or laptop, but you could even consider switching off the TV and radio. Get out in the garden, read a book, and enjoy some peace and quiet in your own little bubble. Everything else can wait.