• 20th Apr 2018
  • Posted in: Tips for Homebuyers
  • Top Tips For The Perfect Garden Party!

    With the first heat wave of 2018 upon us, and garden party  season has officially opened. Let the barbecues with friends, garden playtimes with the kids and family Sunday Lunches in the sun commence!

    To ensure you fully take advantage of the beautiful weather, we have prepared a few tips for the perfect garden party:

    Prepare your garden

    This year’s long and drawn out winter has left our gardens weathered and in need of attention. Before hosting your garden party, set aside a weekend to sort your garden and prepare it for your guests. Have a look at some tips we’ve prepared on how to do just that!

    Research new recipes

    Every spring brings a flurry of new, delicious recipes to try out in the summer months. Focus on fresh ingredients – fruit and vegetables are the way to go. Salads with various cheeses and nuts are perfect for a starter, especially if you serve them with an innovative dressing – don’t be afraid to experiment! Pomegranate is the perfect summer alternative to dark fruits to bring out the taste of salads, cheeses and meats. Oh, and dust off your barbecue, you’ll need it!

    Be ready for surprising weather

    After all, we are still in the UK, so make sure you are prepared to take the party inside if need be. To do so, have an alternative indoor setup ready – it will come in handy when the party goes well into the night!

    Entertain the kids

    The children will absolutely love playing in the garden. Most supermarkets will offer play sets for all ages, from simple ball games to mini-bouncy castles, which are bound to keep the little ones entertained for days!

    Enjoy the sunshine!

    All Harron Homes come with a garden as standard, which for most home styles can be accessed via stunning French doors from the kitchen/dining area. All of our homes offer a high-end specification kitchen as standard, perfect for creating and hosting the perfect garden party.

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