• 10th Oct 2018
  • The Perfect Hub of the Perfect Home

    How often do you find yourself in the kitchen at parties? This is no coincidence! As time has passed, and architectural design has evolved, the kitchen has become the hub of a home in more ways than one. The days when the kitchen was a place merely used for cooking up the family dinner, or doing the washing, are long gone.

    Evolved from the days of simple functionality, the kitchen is increasingly considered to be the heart of the home. We understand the importance of breathing sociability into the architectural layout of a modern kitchen, while also taking into consideration that the very term ‘sociability’ means different things to different families, which is why our kitchens are always designed with versatility in mind.

    By creating a space filled with top of the range appliances and innovative touches tailored to your specific style preferences, we give you the versatile platform to create a kitchen that fits your individual needs.

    We have prepared a few tips on how to turn your kitchen into the hub of the home.

    Make use of space

    Our cleverly constructed kitchens ensure you have the storage space to keep all of your utensils clear and out of the way, enabling you to use the space to suit your wishes. Whether that is hosting a party for friends, or enjoying an evening meal with the family, the spacious design of every Harron Home ensures that whatever the occasion, your kitchen can provide the setting.

    Don’t reinvent the wheel

    While a kitchen is now more than just the cooking station, it is important not to try and reinvent the wheel. We understand the role of the kitchen in the modern family’s home and realise the value of functionality as well, which is why each Harron Home boasts high-end specification as standard. Our top of the range appliances include 18mm carcass, stainless steel ovens, hobs and chimney extractors, allowing you cook up a storm for your family and friends.

    Make it light

    The kitchen should be light and welcoming, complimenting the abundant space which all of our homes provide. Our kitchens provide a gateway to the rest of the home, and with French doors leading to the garden, the kitchen creates an indoor-outdoor entertaining space, ensuring that you can continue your evening of hosting into the early hours.

    To make sure that your needs and tastes are met, our ‘excellence range’, filled with optional extras offers you the choice to personalise your new home in a way that makes it specific to you. Thanks to the excellence range, your kitchen can be filled with design features to allow you to make the space your own – to find out more, view it here.