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  • 10th Aug 2018
  • Pet-friendly Style Hacks for your New Home

    Style hacks for you and your four-legged friend

    With 45% of the UK population being pet owners[1], it’s safe to say that we love our four-legged friends. However, our personal style can be hindered by brightly coloured plastic food bowls, shedding fur and toys everywhere.

    Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with some hints and tips to keep your home stylish, while catering to all your beloved pet’s needs.

    Swap from poisonous to pet-friendly plants

    Indoor plants can be a serious style statement, but that’s not to say that some can be extremely harmful to your pet! Many varieties of indoor plants are toxic to cats and dogs, so be sure to double check that the plant you’re purchasing is safe for your furry friend. Spider plants, Bamboo, the Boston Fern and Palms are all good examples of pet-friendly indoor plants.

    Get creative

    Every pet has that favourite place they like to curl up in, whether that be on the couch, or an unsightly bed you wish was more stylish?  Try a sheepskin or faux-fur blanket the same colour as your pet’s fur, over their regular sleep spot – it’ll fit right in with your stylish décor, whilst keeping your pooch warm and disguising their shed fur.

    Match their style with yours

    Unfortunately, most pet bowls and accessories don’t tend to blend well with stylish décor and often look extremely out of place.  Go for alternatives to the typical pet accessories, such as stainless-steel bowls set into timber frames for homes that have a lot of warm tones; food and water bowls made from ceramic for a lightly decorated, modern home, or matching coloured bowls to your vibrant home if you go for a bolder approach to décor.

    Think about storage

    Do you love the idea of a well organised, decluttered home, only to spot the tangle of leads, pet carriers and cat litter tucked into the corner of your utility room or by the front door? Think about more appealing options that are easily accessible but don’t spoil your home’s aesthetic. Try purchasing stylish boxes or baskets where everything can be tucked away out of sight.

    With our attention to detail and superior specification, our dedication to building outstandingly stylish homes means that we always keep you in mind. That’s why, although luxury comes as standard with every Harron home, we have gone one step further with our ‘Excellence Range’. Everyone has their own tastes and needs, which is why with this range you are able to style and personalise various aspects to your new home.

    Keep you and your beloved four-legged friend happy with your new luxury home, kitted out with the most stylish décor that is still safe yet comfortable for your pooch. Follow our hints and tips and cast your eye over our ‘Excellence Range’, to start planning the perfect sanctuary that you can both call home.

    Every Harron Home is a blank canvas for you to add you own touch and make it truly yours – without hidden costs. View our excellence brochure to see the different options available to you. To talk about opportunities and how to make your house a home, get in touch with us