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  • 16th Feb 2018
  • Posted in: Tips for Homebuyers
  • Make your House a Home – Interior Top Tips!

    new home

    The interior of a house completes a home. We understand that it can feel slightly overwhelming when you first move in and have lots of empty space and blank walls to fill.

    With the help of our very own interior designer, Designer Contracts, we’ve put together some handy tips and tricks to assist you along the way and help you make your house a home:

    1)    Make it spacious –  It’s all about trying to make the most of the space. There are some design tricks which can make even the smaller rooms feel more spacious, such as using Focal wallpapers to emphasise one aspect of the room.

    2)    Give your place some warmth – Light rooms make a home feel warm. You can use mirrors, not just in bathrooms and dressing areas, but throughout the house to reflect light and add to the spacious feel.

    3)    Consider the colour scheme –  A neutral colour palette is a wonderful way to keep the home looking timeless. Picking neutral colours which run throughout the home will make the décor flow and hues of colour will add another depth to your interior, whether it is wallpapers, paint or fabrics.

    4)    Say ‘yes’ to floor length curtains and soft furnishings –  Floor length curtains add to the level of grandeur as well as layering bed linens. Add plenty of textures in the form of throws, woven baskets and accessories to create a cosy atmosphere. There are so many styles to choose from patterned, textured, metallic and beaded. Again, this will add depth to your interior and it’s when you can really make those personal touches.

    5)    Let there be light! – It is important for plenty of light to be distributed throughout the home – impressively sized bedside lamps and light fittings create opulent focal points and ensure plenty of light is distributed throughout the home.

    We have an inspirational collection of options available to help individuals personalise their home to their own tastes – including a range of kitchen worktops, flooring, lighting, carpets, wardrobes and more!

    View our excellence brochure to see the different options available to you. To talk about opportunities and how to make your house a home, get in touch with us