• 1st Oct 2018
  • Energy Saving Tips for your Home

    Are you energy smart? Research into wasted energy in households suggests most of us are not! Although we may like to think that the biggest energy wasting culprits are our partners or children, how well do we really understand our energy usage and small steps we can take to being more energy efficient?

    Research suggests that the most common ways Brits are wasting energy (and money) include boiling a full kettle when it isn’t required, falling asleep with the TV on and leaving lights on in empty rooms. Therefore, by adapting a few simple habits, you could both save money and do your bit for the environment.

    • Shower or bath?

    Over 80% of people believe that showers are more efficient in water usage than bath, however your power shower could actually be using up to 50 litres more water than a soak in the bath! By switching to a water-efficient shower head, you could save up to £195.

    • Smart meters

    More than half of Brits believe that Smart meters add to their bills as they use electricity – but in fact, if you accurately monitor your energy you can save up to £21.

    • Put that thermostat to use!

    Almost half of bill-payers think it’s cheaper to keep the heating on low all the time, when in fact, adjusting the room temperature with a thermostat can save you up to £150 per year.

    What’s more, one in five people believe that setting the heating to a slightly warmer temperature won’t increase their bill, yet bill-payers could save up to £75 per year by reducing the temperature by just one degree!

    So, use your thermostats wisely to save energy and reduce your bills.

    • Overfilling your kettle?

    Almost a fifth of Brits believe boiling more water than is needed doesn’t use more energy when in fact, this could be hiking up your bills by £36 a year.

    We all love a cuppa, but by boiling just as much as you need, not only can you save pennies for a rainy day, your brew will taste better as re-boiling left over water from the kettle actually takes all oxygen and nitrogen out of it. Take a look at this article to find out more!

    • Standby still uses energy…

    Almost one in five of the nation think that if appliances are in standby mode, they’re not using electricity – this myth could be costing you up to £30 year. Switch appliances off to save energy, money and get a better night’s sleep without the standby lights spoiling the darkness!

    All data comes from research and calculations by the Energy Saving Trust and Smart Energy GB.

    According to a recent report from the Home Builders Federation, new build homes save buyers around £629 per year/£52 per month by being energy efficient. As quoted by the report, that’s the cost of:

    • A latte from Starbucks each working day of the year
    • The cost of a mobile phone contract and home broadband
    • The average Premier League season ticket and seven away matches
    • An off-peak flight to New Zealand
    • More practically – the cost of three and a half weeks of an average mortgage

    If you want to take advantage of these great money-saving benefits, why not have a look at our developments and make your move into a luxury, new-build home? Visit to find out more.