• 29th Nov 2018

    With 2019 just around the corner, what better time than now to start thinking about moving home?

    Just think a new year, new home, new adventures are just waiting for you to make them happen, and Harron Homes have some tips to help make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

    Do your research

    Firstly, be sure to research the market thoroughly online, establish which area you want to … Read more.

  • 30th Oct 2018

    Pick up some dark and devilish tips on how to give your house the haunted treatment this Halloween

    Every year, millions of people dress up in costume and get into the spooky spirit to hand out tricks and collect plenty of treats. However, people don’t have to be the only ones in costume, as this year we’ve got plenty of tricks up our sleeves to help you transform your home … Read more.

  • 10th Oct 2018
  • The Perfect Hub of the Perfect Home

    How often do you find yourself in the kitchen at parties? This is no coincidence! As time has passed, and architectural design has evolved, the kitchen has become the hub of a home in more ways than one. The days when the kitchen was a place merely used for cooking up the family dinner, or doing the washing, are long gone.

    Evolved from the days of simple functionality, the kitchen … Read more.

  • 1st Oct 2018
  • Energy Saving Tips for your Home

    Are you energy smart? Research into wasted energy in households suggests most of us are not! Although we may like to think that the biggest energy wasting culprits are our partners or children, how well do we really understand our energy usage and small steps we can take to being more energy efficient?

    Research suggests that the most common ways Brits are wasting energy (and money) include boiling a full … Read more.

  • 21st Sep 2018
  • Cosy up for Autumn in your Harron Home

    In Britain, we are very lucky to experience four fantastic seasons, each of which provides us with beautiful aesthetics. While we have all loved the elongated summer and the long, light days we have been treated to, autumn is fast approaching, and will give us a welcome seasonal change.

    Autumn is the season of colour, of dramatic changes to our surroundings as the mornings turn frosty, leaves fade to brown … Read more.

  • 29th Aug 2018
  • Posted in: New Homes
  • Harron Help the Heroes Get on the Ladder

    We will always be indebted to the servicemen and women of this country for their bravery, courage, and tireless dedication to securing our safety. While we will never be able to fully repay them, at Harron we are trying to give them the benefits they deserve.

    Over the years, we have introduced a variety of schemes designed to make the move to your dream home as smooth and transitional as … Read more.

  • 10th Aug 2018
  • Pet-friendly Style Hacks for your New Home

    Style hacks for you and your four-legged friend

    With 45% of the UK population being pet owners[1], it’s safe to say that we love our four-legged friends. However, our personal style can be hindered by brightly coloured plastic food bowls, shedding fur and toys everywhere.

    Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with some hints and tips to keep your home stylish, while catering to all your beloved … Read more.

  • 27th Jul 2018
  • Terracotta Trending: The Must Have Colour for Your New Home

    The burnt orange shade is in and we’ve got you covered to personalise your home in style

    The natural stone of the past has made a comeback, but the fired clay material is not the only key feature. The colour – specifically the prominent burnt orange shade – has become a key design statement, extending to more than just floor tiles and plant pots.

    Rich, earthy red and brown tones … Read more.

  • 12th Jul 2018
  • Home-hacks for keeping cool in this Summer’s heatwave

    Harron Homes Heatwave

    Here’s some hints and tips on how to enjoy the heatwave whilst keeping your home a relaxing, cool escape from the temperatures

    With Britain’s unpredictable weather, this summer’s heatwave is lovely – but it’s no fun for anyone when it results in tossing and turning in bed, stuck to the sheets, far too warm to sleep.

    At first, a heatwave sounds like the perfect beginning to the summer that we’ve … Read more.

  • 5th Jul 2018
  • Worried About the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’? Here’s Your Answer

    The number of homebuyers, particularly first-time buyers, receiving a contribution from parents or other family members towards the deposit has become increasingly common in the last decade. It is also frequent for parents to act as guarantors for homebuyers to boost borrowing allowances for first-time purchases.

    The Legal and General Group predicts that the ‘bank of mum and dad’ will lend or give approximately £5.7 billion this year alone, with … Read more.