Harron Quality Guarantee (HQG)

We at Harron Homes are passionate about delivering each and every one of our highly-valued customers a perfect new home.

In April 2017 we set out below our new Harron Quality Guarantee (HQG). Under HQG, we make a guarantee to our buyers that we will follow a stringent quality assurance process in their new home as we construct it for them.


Quality Focused Management

We promote a culture throughout the company that we will not hand over a new home to a purchaser unless it meets the highest quality standards.

This message is a full commitment within the company at all levels.

We are intent on delivering perfect new homes to all of our customers.


Experienced People

Only experienced, high quality, proven professionals at all levels are tasked to build our new homes.

We will ensure that this policy is continued and built upon as we deliver many more quality new homes into the future.


Quality Control Plot Books

Each and every plot has its own unique Quality Control Plot Book. This book is a quality control checklist and it contains 440 quality control check points, with each stage being signed off by both the site manager and his immediate superiors.

This quality control procedure is a guarantee that every home we build has undergone rigorous quality checking during its construction process.


Customer Relations Managers

We now have a team of Customer Relations Managers (CRM’s), who will conduct the following quality checks:

Each CRM is assigned several Harron Homes developments.

Once the site manager advises that the home is fully completed, the site’s CRM will attend the plot and conduct an independent 80-point quality control checklist.

The CRM has the power to refuse a plot that is not finished to perfect quality standards; otherwise, a list of minor quality rectification points will be issued for clearance within 48-hours.

The same CRM will then meet the plot’s purchaser on the Home Tour visit to demonstrate the home’s controls and operation.

In the unlikely event a problem is detected at the Home Tour, customers are welcome to highlight any items that they notice to the CRM, and these will be cleared prior to legal completion.

Following the Home Tour visit, the site’s Sales Executive will carry out the key release to customers on legal completion day.


We are very confident as a company that our new quality control measures are robust and will ensure that all new homes handed over to purchasers will be of a very high standard and free from defects.


Thank you for taking the time to read our Harron Quality Guarantee.

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